Trade in gold

Trade in gold There is no doubt that the gold trade or investment or another investment in gold sense has become one of the largest investment and trade in major projects, said the gold trade should be carried out by people who have experience in the field of gold trade, the gold trade is one of the high-profit trade at the same time it is a degree too risky, so it will remind you in this topic, and how the gold trade, and also mention how to invest in gold.

Types of Gold
1. The first type of gold is pure gold, which is considered a solid enough to be fit for the jewelry industry.
2. The second type of gold is white gold, which is a mixture of gold with 12% platinum or 15% nickel, and can be tilted to the gold color pink color mixing with 5% silver and 20% copper.
3. The third type of gold is gold red, which is a degree of control in the redness of gold by raising or lowering the ratio of copper added.

What are the most popular types of gold
1. normal gold, a gold traded between all people, a (21-gauge).
2. yellow gold, which is known in Egypt .. It is (18 carat).
3. White Gold.
4. Gold bullion.

What are the requirements of the gold trade
1. must be at the head of investor capital plus free for personal needs and out of the emergency certainly (so the investor to sell gold does not have to be an emergency).
2. The investor should knowledge of technical analysis chart of the performance of gold last period.
3. The investor follow the news went like global forex must (Global Forex Trading), precious metals and global stocks at all times during the 24 hours.
4. The investor should examine the gold market of the country, which is home to the method of handling the goldsmiths.
5. The investor must also determine the gold and types of artifacts that will be traded caliber.

Ways to Invest in Gold
Investing in gold has become big business when entrepreneurs, continued to rise in oil prices since the end of the second millennium, when the world is witnessing a political lull to allow the collapse of gold prices, such as those passed in the sixties and seventies of the last century, during the end of World War and before the intensification of the Cold War. Despite the decline in prices since late 2012, Trade in gold this was not reflected negatively on gold traders because the overall perspective of gold prices underlines the almost doubled from 
32 to 1290 dollars between 1970 and 2016.

Trade in gold all you need a professional trader in gold swaps have to be patient and refrain from selling gold even if prices collapsed dozens of times because any global political or economic problem will bring back a gold value. That is Iqbal stock speculators to buy gold shares without other evidence of an economic problem or a political potential. Gold also represents the best way to save money in the long run in order to avoid the collapse of the currency, which is caused by increased inflation rates gradually. However, this does not prevent investors choose gold as an investment or as a target of speculation in the stock market.