Currency rates in Egypt today

In the stability of the dollar’s ​​price today against the pound in all Egyptian banks.
 Today, Saturday 10-24-2020; As a result of the weekly bank holiday, after it rose by 1.4 piasters last week.

Also, the average price of the dollar against the pound rose by 1.42 piasters during last week's trading, to record at the end of Thursday, 15.652 pounds for purchase, 15.752 pounds for sale, compared to 15.638 pounds for purchase, and 15.739 pounds for sale at the end of the previous week.
The lowest price for a dollar

And also the circulation of the International Arab Bank. The price of the US green currency against the pound is at its lowest level in the Egyptian market, recording 15.63 pounds for purchase and 15.73 pounds for sale.
The highest dollar rate

5 banks offered the green currency price against the pound at its highest level, recording 15.66 pounds for purchase and 15.76 pounds for sale.

The five banks are: Bank Audi, Mashreq Bank, Industrial Development Bank, and Emirates NBD. Suez Canal Bank
And 22 banks are trading the dollar at the same level as last week

The list of banks includes Banque Misr, Credit Agricole, Arab African International Bank, Al Baraka Bank, Blom Bank, National Bank of Kuwait, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Egyptian Gulf Bank, Misr Iran Bank, National Bank of Egypt and The United Bank.
The dollar against the pound in 22 banks reached 15.65 pounds for purchase and 15.75 pounds for sale.
 As for the price of the euro :-
The price of the European euro is against the pound in Egyptian banks today, Saturday, October 24, 2020, according to the momentary indicators of currency exchange rates in the banks operating in the Egyptian market

Whereas, the European euro exchange rate rose today against the Egyptian pound by more than 12 piasters from yesterday's trading, bringing the average rate of the European currency in banks to 18.45 pounds for purchase and 18.60 for sale, according to the Central Bank of Egypt at the end of yesterday's trading


The price of buying the European currency in banks ranges between the level of 18.29 pounds for purchase and 18.53 pounds for sale, and the average price of selling the European euro between 18.50 pounds for purchase and 18.73 pounds for sale.