How to trade in gold

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How to trade in gold

Trade in gold is one of the most profitable trades, but at the same time it includes a kind of risk especially that gold prices fluctuate between time and time, so we will show you how to trade gold correctly without being exposed to risk.

Factors affecting high and low gold
One of the most important things that you must take into account while making the decision to trade in gold is to know enough information about the reasons for the rise or fall of gold, including:
1- Knowing the value of the US dollar at the present time, because there is an inverse relationship between the price of the dollar and the price of gold. The higher the price of the US dollar, the lower the value of gold and vice versa.
2- Knowing the amount of demand for other jewelry found in the Asian and Chinese markets in particular, because these places are among the most popular places for buying gold. When there is another type of mineral and jewelry competing for gold, this matter affects the price of gold negatively.
3- You should be aware of the policy of central banks, because if the bank reduces the value of the return, the investor may resort to buying gold and vice versa. If he raises the value of the return, the demand for gold will decrease.
4- It is also necessary to know the average oil prices at the present time, because the oil prices and the gold prices between them are a direct relationship. The higher the price of oil, the higher the price of gold and unfortunately is true in the case of decline.
5- Political turmoil and conditions are among the factors affecting gold prices, because whenever the country suffers from political turmoil, this will affect the price of gold and make it low. The more stable the economic situation, the gold will be fixed on its position.

How to trade gold correctly
In order to know the foundations of gold trading, you must know some important things, including:
1- How to properly store gold to maintain its quality.
2- Ways to buy and sell gold.
3- Gold prices at the present time and follow up and downs in the price level.
4- Good times to sell gold.
5- Knowing the right price to buy.
6- Knowing the suitable price for sale.

All this information, if collected and studied well, will protect yourself from loss when trading in gold, this requires you to be aware of what is new.

Trade in gold bars
Trade in gold bars is one of the best types that will avoid you loss, especially since these alloys are found in different sizes, as it does not include the price of workmanship, which protects stores from loss when selling.

All you have to do is buy bullion at a weight that is appropriate to your financial capabilities, wait and follow the gold price until you rise and you can sell these bullion until you can make a profit.

How to get gold bars
 Through an authorized agent for the following advantages in this method:
1- Ensuring the quality of the alloy and ensuring that it is pure gold.
2- There is a place to keep this ingot, whether in a company or in a bank.
3- It is possible to send this alloy easily to any place, and this will only cost you shipping costs.
4- Buying from gold traders of good reputation, directly through the weight of the alloy and buying it immediately.

The advantages of trading in gold
There are some advantages of trading in gold, including:
1- This type provides the element of safety for the merchant especially that the gold is one of the commodities that can be sold anywhere in the world.
2- Effective profit from trading in gold, especially since gold is often more valued.
3- You can prove your ownership of gold easily by obtaining an invoice from the place of buying gold.
4- Gold is one of the few elements in size and high in price, so it can be easily kept anywhere.

The disadvantages of trading in gold
 1- A disadvantage of trading in gold is that it may make gains in the long run because gold is slowly changing its price.
2- Because gold trading is a global business, it will make you search in a lot of markets before selling to make the most profit.
3- Gold is among the things subject to theft if it is not kept in a safe place.
4- Gold prices may suddenly change in the markets and fall sharply, which results in a loss and not a gain because it is not 
guaranteed in any case.
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