The most expensive metal in the world

1. Rhodium - $675,166 per kilogram
Today, this metal costs more than $300,000 per kilogram, which is four times the price of gold, and about ten times the price of platinum.

The reason behind its high value, is its extensive extraction applications, and its great rarity.
With a quick comparison, gold deposits are four times larger, and platinum deposits are five times larger than rhodium deposits.
uses of this metal?

Rhodium is commonly used in lighting, mirrors, and even nuclear reactors.

It is also known as a scratch-resistant coating for jewellery, particularly for "white gold".

However, approximately 80% of the demand for rhodium comes from the automotive industry, as it is used in headlight reflectors and catalytic converters, which helps reduce toxic gas emissions, and the reason for this is that this metal helps It filters nitrogen oxides better than palladium or platinum, and is easier to install.

Rhodium, an investment option, was not discovered until 2009.

2. Iridium – $102,882 per kilogram
Annual production: approximately 3 tons.

The main producers of iridium are: Brazil, the United States, Russia, Myanmar, South Africa, and Australia.

Iridium is the second most expensive metal in the commodity market, and at the same time, it is one of the rarest platinum group metals on Earth.

Its high price is not only due to its relatively small size, but also because of the difficulties that accompany its production, and the demand and speculation on it in the market, and because of the political issues in the countries producing it, in addition to the high development in the technology needed to extract it.

Given that it is a very hard metal, iridium is ideal as a hardening agent for alloys, which are used in the production of aircraft engine parts, and deep water pipes.
iridium uses

Iridium is commonly used in the metallurgical industries, medicine, as well as the automotive, electronics, aviation, and many other sectors.

From this mineral, many products are manufactured, such as pens, scales for compasses, and surgical instruments, as well as computer memory devices, and hard lasers. It is also used in the manufacture of low-thrust rocket engines.

In medical terms, it is also used in the treatment of cancer.

 Although, iridium is viewed as a minor element, and therefore, very few people invest in it.

And the best way to enter the market with this metal, is to invest in the shares of producing companies, for example. 


The most expensive metal in the world is Californium, and although it is the most expensive metal, it actually receives little attention or use than most people, has a few select uses in the medical industry, and has extremely dangerous radioactivity, and this limits its main use for generating Nuclear Energy.
Californium is a man-made metal, its first appearance was in 1950, and its huge price is entirely due to its scarcity and production costs, and annually only 30 to 40 micrograms are manufactured, in laboratories only in Russia and the United States, and the price of a gram reaches 26 million pounds, Or the equivalent of 530 million Egyptian pounds .

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