Gold prices globally today, Saturday, September 18, 2021

 The stability of the price of gold, today, Saturday, September 18, 2021, at the low prices that it achieved on Friday evening, due to the suspension of the global stock exchange to spend the weekend, and gold prices in Egypt stabilized at prices on Friday evening, after it achieved a significant decrease, and the price of 21 carat gold was the most prevalent in the world. Egypt decreased by 12 pounds in two days.

 And the gold prices in Egypt came this morning, Saturday, as follows:

The Gold Division in Egypt announced, this morning, the price of gold in the goldsmiths market, where the price of 24-carat gold ranged from 881 to 884 pounds, and the price of 21-carat gold, the most prevalent in Egypt, ranged from 770 to 773 pounds, and the price of 18-carat gold ranged From 660 to 663 pounds, without the workmanship that varies from place to place and from one store to another, which ranges from 30 to 70 pounds according to the type of caliber, and the price of the gold pound ranged from 6150 to 6184 pounds.

Gold prices globally on Saturday morning:

Gold prices stabilized globally, this morning, on the low prices witnessed by the global stock exchange with the approach of the closure, after it achieved significant losses for traders for the second time in two days, and gold was on Friday evening, it decreased in spot transactions by 0.1%, while gold futures decreased by 0.3%, due to The dollar index rose, and the five-year inflation expectations index was released, which scored 4.7% and was expected at 2.9%, and the US consumer confidence index scored 71 points, and the forecast was 72 points.

And gold fell Thursday evening by 2.22% in one go after the release of retail sales data in the United States, and it came up by 0.7%, while it was expected to decline by 0.8%, which led to a rise in the dollar and a significant decrease in gold prices, as they have an inverse relationship.

And the price of 21-carat gold in the financial markets, at the time of writing the report, recorded 775.84 pounds, and an ounce, “an ounce”, recorded 1,754.87 dollars.

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