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 raw sapphire stone
The sapphire stone was known in the ancient past as the king of precious stones and it symbolized the sun. You will find a king or a dignitary unless he owns a red sapphire, and because of the beauty, glow and depth this stone had in its crimson red color, tilted to the color of blood. As for the Middle Ages in modern Europe, the queens and women of the aristocracy used to acquire sapphire stones and believed that they were a symbol of inspiration, romance and prosperity.
Sapphire is extracted from mines and valleys in Southeast Asia and in these countries specifically: Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia and some parts of Thailand, which is the first commercial center in the world for the manufacture, polishing and trade of sapphires and other precious stones. Sapphire is also extracted from some African countries such as Madagascar, Tanzania and Kenya, and the Burmese sapphire remains the finest and best in terms of beauty of color and degree of purity and is not comparable in its beauty to any other sapphire in the world.
Sapphire stone is mined in almost one way in all Southeast Asian countries, and it is the same old method that was followed with the difference in the size of the equipment and exploration mechanisms only! Excavation is by pumping water in large quantities and at very high pressure into pits believed to contain raw sapphire in its depths, until the dirt is turned into mud, and the mud is pulled to take its path to large sieves through which raw sapphire crystals are secreted.
The sapphire stone is sold by the weight unit carat, which is equivalent to 1/5 of a gram, meaning that five carats = one gram. The price of one carat for a Burmese sapphire with a weight of 10 carats of a rare type may reach 200 thousand US dollars! Bringing the entire stone price to 2 million U.S. dollars.
It is also possible to obtain a sapphire stone of medium and good quality at prices ranging from $2000 to $5000 for one stone that is of a suitable size to be crafted or installed on a ring and weighs approximately 3 to 4 carats.

The most expensive metals in order
1. Rhodium - $675,166 per kilogram
2. Iridium – $302,882 per kilogram
3. Palladium - $87,837 per kilogram
4. Gold - $59,836 per kilogram
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5. Platinum / $35562 per kilogram
6. Ruthenium - $9002 per kilogram
7. Silver - $900 per kilogram
Rhodium - $675,166 per kilogram
Rhodium - $675,166 per kilogram
Iridium - $102,882 per kilogram
Palladium - $77,837 per kilogram
The most expensive metals in the world
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