Ways gold trade

Ways gold trade

It enables many global positioning of buying and selling gold, or through global stock markets, like the New York Stock Exchange, where you can buy shares worth gold you buy and can sell your share at the time it deems appropriate. These represent the most secure trade at all, but the profit ratio of the unsafe risks and fluctuate profit and loss ratios in a marked manner.
Direct Trade
Many investors gold depends on direct trade through secure channels buy and sell with people they trust them, but this requires a lot of caution and threatens the safety of the investor and even his life, gold trade because mobility Mali amounting to a huge or a significant amount of gold requires a lot of caution, but unfortunately represent this method is the most important tool used by smugglers of gold and precious metals around the world.

Types of gold trading:
The gold trade has many forms and it differs according to the investment goals and available capital, or in other words, it differs according to the size of the commercial activity. gold trade Below we review these types with a detailed explanation of each type.

1- Gold bullion:
There are gold bars with different weights that are suitable for individuals, small and large investors, as for alloys that are suitable for individuals weigh (1, 5, 10, 50, 100 grams) in addition to the alloy that weighs one ounce (31.5 grams), as for alloys that Suitable for small and large investors, it weighs (116.5, 250, 500, 1000, 5000 g).

Gold bullion features:
The buying and selling process of trading is very easy.
There are no workmanship when buying, and no discounts when selling.
You can sell at a time that you like and are not linked to specific restrictions or dates.

Alloy defects:
The alloys are small in size and can be stolen until not kept in a completely safe place.
You may have to sell at a time when prices fall, and in one way or another you can postpone the sale until prices rise.
When purchasing from an unofficial or known source, you may be cheated or cheated.

How to buy gold bars:
There are two guaranteed ways to buy gold bars, one of which is suitable for large investors and the wealthy who wish to preserve their wealth in the form of gold bars, and the other is suitable for small investors and individuals, the following is a presentation of these two methods:

1- Purchase from an agent company or an agent's bank for companies specialized in gold bullion trading, and in the event of buying in this way you will not get the alloy or alloys that you bought in your hands, but will be kept in the treasury of the agent company or agent bank that you bought through And, this does not mean that you are restricted, but you can order your alloy or alloy and you will only pay the shipping and delivery fees, and if you want to sell, the process will be very smooth.

Of course, this method is suitable for large investors and wealthy people who want to save their money in the form of gold bars. It is worth noting that most Arab countries do not have agents or representatives of international gold companies, and for this reason those wishing to purchase resort to dealing with foreign companies and brokers, and possibly local if any.

2- Purchase from well-known and reputable gold merchants and goldsmiths. It is preferable to purchase those stores and those merchants located in capitals and major cities such as Dubai, Riyadh, Cairo, and possibly European capitals and cities, while staying away from unknown or new stores and traders in the field to ensure that they are not exposed to fraud or deception. .

Of course, this method is suitable for small investors and individuals who want to buy an alloy weighing several grams or one ounce, and certainly the store or dealer will not keep it in its own safe, but will sell it to you and you must keep it in your home, in your safe deposit box, or in any safe place. And be sure to get a bill from the store or merchant who sold you so that you do not face any problems when selling.