Gold trading day

Gold trading day

Trade in gold He chooses many investors playing the role of mediator between the big companies and citizens where they are buying and selling making function (fraction) of the citizens and sell it to companies and senior goldsmiths but this plan requires a large network of relationships let you know people who want to sell and people searching for gold. Brokers can earn a lot of money, but they must beware of the consequences of engaging in illegal trade as buying stolen historical and currency (treasures) so as not to fall under the law.

Gold trading is one of the most important and most profitable types of trade, but it is one of the most risky types of trade, so whoever gains may reach the rich and whoever loses may lose a lot of his money, so before you start in the gold trade you need to read for long periods about the types and the best ways to trade and know Pure gold from mixed gold in addition to following up the economic conditions to know the price trends, as well as you must know the law in your country to know the legality of the gold trade and whether there are restrictions imposed on it and before all of that must know the restrictions and legal assumptions to start on a sound basis.

Trade in gold used breakage:
The gold used is that which is sold to merchants and goldsmiths to be burned to remove impurities from it and then the merchant pays the seller what he deserves, and in the case of non-burning, the dealer deducts the percentage of impurities and if the gold coins contain lobes and gemstones, they are removed and deducted from the price.

The advantages of used gold trading:
Suitable for small and medium capital.
When buying do not pay spans.
It can be converted into raw gold after removing impurities and cloves from it.
Easily you can get any quantity you want as it is sold to all gold stores.
You can sell at any time to any dealer at the market price at the time of sale.

Disadvantages of trading gold used:
You will bear a big loss if the gold contains many impurities and lobes, and the solution is to choose gold with the least amount of lobes.
You may find it difficult to sell if you do not have bills for the gold you are selling.
The gold market is subject to high and low and has a lot of risk, and of course this matter is not related to this method only, but to all methods of trading gold.

Ways to trade in gold and profit from it
1- Financial markets
Trade in gold has many banks, trends and entities that can be dealt with in importing, selling, buying, or even exporting gold, and from those items and banks that can be traded in gold, we find money markets (the stock exchange) as well as investment funds and mutual funds in addition to To gold futures, and finally storage, and storage is often in several forms, whether in the form of gold bars for the purpose of investing in them or in the form of gold jewelry and precious jewelry.

It should be noted that investment methods in gold that are made through stock exchanges or the so-called gold funds or gold contracts, must be done through contracting with one of the approved brokers in the financial markets, in order to be able to buy or sell shares, as happens with any other products on the regular stock exchange. This method is very profitable, but it is more suitable for large or medium quantities of investments in gold.

2- Storing gold
Storing gold is one of the most common ways for a large number of investors who fear speculation in the stock market and exposure to a specific loss due to their limited experience in this field. Storing and keeping gold for certain periods and then selling it either with a change in price and achieving profits or with the need for more cash liquidity helps Too much to make good profits.

These individuals can buy gold to invest in it by storing it in the form of gold bars with different weights starting from five grams to a whole kilogram of gold, or they can buy gold to invest in it by storing it in the form of goldsmiths in order to decorate and invest together, and it is advised in both cases that the investor be alerted It is good for fraud and piracy operations that can be very exposed to if people with weak consciences know what gold they have in order to invest in it. Throughout its history it has been coveted by many.